I Ran out of Mascara and My Sister Gives Me a Bottle of German Stuff She Called Wimpernserum

I was staying at my sister’s house for a couple of days while the floor my dorm room was on was being repainted. She does not live far from where I’m going to school. The home where we grew up is several states away. I had all of my dorm stuff in storage, and I forgot to pack some things in my suitcase. I asked her for some mascara, and she told me she had plenty of wimpernserum, and that I could keep the new bottle she tossed to me. I had her repeat what she said, because I was not familiar with the word. She explained that it meant “eyelash serum” in German.

So, now I’m wondering why my sister has German mascara. Read the rest of this entry »

We Just Moved to Tampa Bay

I have just gotten re-assigned to Central Command here in Tampa FL. So far things have been going well, but the move was a bit of an ordeal because it all happened on short notice. They had some sort of problem in staffing which meant that they needed someone with my technical expertise immediately. So they did not allow me the time to settle my affairs at a leisurely pace. I found a nice apartment at a place called Cottonwood residential, thanks to the fact that I knew several guys who were already here. One of them hooked me up with a guy who was about to ship out, but he had another month and a half left on his lease. Read the rest of this entry »

A Brain Crawling with Ideas

While taking a look at scrap metal prices for materials to build my robot, I noticed that the prices of aluminum had gone way down. I contacted the scrap company and bought many sheets to play around with in my project. I really only needed a few sheets to create a basic robot, but since the sheets were so cheap, I thought it would be fun to make something a little more elaborate with all the extra metal. I had lots of ideas running around in my head, but one really stood out to me.

I had been watching some horror movies, and one of them had a town that was overrun by a spider infestation. Read the rest of this entry »

Started Setting Up My New Computer

I have just now started to set up my new computer, although I have become very disenchanted with the download sites since I got back to trying to get it loaded with some of the software I needed. In fact I wanted to complain, but I only found an email like this this one for the place that did this for me. It was something like no-reply@accounts.google.com and it was obvious that they did not want to talk to me about the nasty thing that they had done to me. I downloaded this program that I needed and when I did it asked me if I wanted to take this other file. I said no, but that did me no good at all. They gave it to me any way and it turned out to be a really vile thing that was almost impossible for me to get rid of. Read the rest of this entry »

Canada in order to boost the economy and increase the number of visas to China

According to 1xbet the post reported on August 12, Canada the Federal Government actively to attract Chinese investors and immigrants (including Chinese employees working temporarily in Canada) for Canada. It is reported that, despite concerns that it will make further represented by the Vancouver area home prices improve, but Canada Federal Government is determined to carry out this action aims to give slumping Canada economy a boost.

According to the globe and mail reported this week, Canada immigration Minister yuehan

Риo-2016 Олимпиaдa: Лизи Armitstead выигpывaeт aнтидoпингoвых пpaвил oбpaщeниe нaд пpoпyщeнный тecт

Бpитa cкий миp вeлoc opтy a шocce чeм иo Лиззи 1xbet Armitstead выигpaл a eлляцию poтив apyшe ия a тидo и гoвых paвил, кoтopыe мoгли бы видeли ee po ycтить Олим ийcкиe игpы в Риo.
Armitstead cтoлк yлиcь oдвecкa для тpeх eyдaч, cвязa ых c ee мecтo aхoждe ии, кoтopыe pивeли к ee eдocтaющих pe apaтoв иc ытa ий.
Нo С opтив ый apбитpaж ый cyд (КАС) гoвopит, e были coблюдe ы poцeдypы для oд oгo тecтa, кoтopый был oбъявлe eдeйcтвитeль ым.
27-лeт ий выигpaл epвyю мeдaль кoмa ды ГБ в, cepeбpo, в Лo дo e в 2012 гoдy.
“Я вceгдa был и вceгдa бyдeт чиcтым c opтcмe oм и был вoкaл в мoeй a тидo и гoвoгo oзиции a poтяжe ии вceй мoeй кapьepы,” cкaзaлa o a.
Armitstead cчитaeтcя oд им из фaвopитoв, 1xbet чтoбы выигpaть зoлoтo в гo кe жe щи a Олим ийcких игpaх в Риo в вocкpece ьe.
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Finland independent years, Norway to send a mountain

According to the 1xbet report: this should be the most unique “birthday present”, and if it comes true. Finland 2017 will mark 100 years of independence, “neighbor” Norway considering the Summit of halti at the junction between the given to the lack of mountains of Finland, as a gift.
United Kingdom the 1xbet guardian 28th, Norway’s Prime Minister aierna

adipex weight loss pills, Healthy and Active Way of living: The Key to Effective Weight Reduction

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